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Harassment Complaints

Sexual-type behaviour or bullying that used to be brushed under the table must now be addressed. But before the employer does anything, an investigation must be carried out. The matter may be able to be resolved informally but ,depending on its seriousness, it should possibly be referred to the Police. At the very least there is a tricky employment situation to be handled with the complainant,the accused person and possible witnesses.

Do you appoint an external independant investigator who can give you an unbiased report? Do you try to conduct it yourself with expert sexual harassment or bullying complaint advice? Do you suspend the employees concerned? How do you immediately offer assistance to the complainant? With the current furore over this issue,you can see from media reports that the employers action must be prompt, sensitive, appropriate and legally correct. 

As employment law experts,we can navigate the harassment complaint process and we know how to be impartial and open-minded. Solving harassment problems for you is our expertise. Give us a call or email to find out where to start.