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Helping you out of difficult situations

Employer Solutions

We mainly help employers who find themselves in difficult situations such as: -

  • Needing to make a workplace change (hours, duties, downsize or ‘right size’ as it’s known)
  • Dealing with a toxic employee or one you think is ‘on drugs’
  • Analysing your 'casual' employees & 'contractors'-are they in the right category?
  • Understanding complex labour hire arrangements and minimising your risks
  • Employee absences from work and advising when you can call halt
  • Managing exit strategies for that employee who would be happier elsewhere
  • Selling or buying a business and following the law in how to lay off or hire staff
  • Conducting performance management and disciplinary meetings
  • Private negotiations in relation to employment problems
  • Representation at mediations
  • Defending personal grievance claims
  • Health & Safety at Work Act-liability, advising through WorkSafe prosecutions
  • Managing bullying,breach of privacy and harassment claims



'Slice of Advice'

A 30 minute phone consultation with a legal expert for $250.00 including GST. You tell us your problem and we will do our best to phone you back with a solution. 

  • Not sure of your position or options regarding an employee issue?
  • Looking for advice fast but not wanting to blow your budget?
  • Got questions that require legal analysis so that you can respond quickly on an employment situation? 

We suggest you use our 'SLICE OF ADVICE' deal.